Why Us

We don’t just build websites …

We create an extension of your business …

  • To capture more leads
  • To enrich your customer family
  • To sell more products
  • To build your credibility

Whatever your online objectives, we have the resources and the expertise to achieve them:

Take back your business with our powerful toolkit that helps you monitor and control what people say about you online.
Get powerful results with forceful promotional copy and an adept mix of media – mass, targeted, traditional and new. Jay Mitchell’s experience as an ad agency creative director and a radio owner and consultant ensures the most effective, resultful marketing efforts.
“Come for a website, stay for the business advice.” We can help you achieve your goals – online and off – efficiently and on budget. Our founder, Jay Mitchell, has owned and operated successful businesses for over 30 years, and has helped countless businesses as a consultant. Jay brings value not only to the online space, but in helping our clients with their overall objectives.
Our images make pages pop. We’re proud of the graphics work that we do for our clients – logos, icons, and enhanced imagery.
We specialize in tight, readable, promotional prose that communicates benefits clearly and concisely. Jay himself publishes about 4000 words per week for his trade newsletter for almost 25 years. He was an ad agency creative director and created ads for all media in that capacity. In his broadcast career he has written countless advertisements for countless businesses. He has written numerous articles for various publications. One hallmark of his consulting business was that every project resulted in a lengthy written analysis of 25-50 pages or more.
Our websites are noted for effective, targeted layouts and color schemes. We have in-depth, research-based understanding about the psychology of colors and shapes and how they relate to specific demographic targets.
Your website is optimized for the best user experience. We have a strategic alliance with one of the largest UX companies in the world, which gives us access to the latest usability research.
Our partnership with Katie Wagner Social Media, which runs social channels for businesses large and small, ensures that your website traffic and online reviews will be bolstered by an active presence in social media.
We build your page rankings to last. Our SEO experts are true insiders, with access to the very latest thinking and policies of the major search engines.
Let us simplify your project by being your single source. We’ll pull it all together and deliver a finished, polished result!