Website Maintenance Plans

Keeping your website at its best requires attention. The Internet is under constant attack, and your first line of defense is making sure that all of the components your website are up to date.

Meanwhile, your web visitors expect bright, fresh new content on a regular basis, reflecting what your business is up to today.

We offer maintenance plans to meet your needs, whether basic or advanced.

Basic Plan

Our low monthly rate is your very best insurance policy. On a regular basis, we make sure that all of your web components are the latest versions; and that all of your links, pages, posts, and illustrations are displaying properly. In addition, we will make minor changes to your website at no charge, and we will make more extensive changes at a discounted hourly rate.

Advanced Plans

No matter the size of your business, on the Internet you are competing with literally everyone in your category. If you want to stand up to the competition and stand out from them, you need resources to give your website world-class sparkle and compelling content. Whereas the biggest of your competitors a full-time team working on their websites, smaller businesses simply don’t have the budget.

That’s where we come in. We become your virtual web team, not only keeping your site up to date and secure, but making sure that you’re serving up ever-changing content in the most attractive way. No longer will you promote an event or a sale that is not featured on your website because it’s too much trouble to do it yourself or to track down the guy who did your website in the first place. We’ll make sure that your website constantly reflects the activities of your business and is a true extension of the service you offer to your customers every day.

For more information on how we can keep you looking good on the web, complete the contact form in the footer of this page, or call 949-533-4912.