Welcome to Our New Client Order System

Based on your feedback, we have revamped our client service request system to be a lot easier to use, and a lot easier to track.

This is a true ticket system, where you will be able to create an account, create tickets, monitor your tickets, add to your tickets, and communicate with us directly through the system.

The form you fill out is completely free-form, so depending on what you want us to do, please keep the following in mind to avoid unnecessary delays:

Bug/Glitch: Include as much detail as possible; for example …

  • Any error messages
  • What you doing just before you encountered the issue
  • When the site or issue was working properly

Banner Ad: Make sure you include …

  • Size of ad, or where it goes (sidebar, specific page, sponsored page)
  • Website, email, or social media page to which the ad links
  • Start date
  • End date or TFN
  • Complete ad, or logo and workparts
  • Copy points

Promotion: Make sure you include …

  • Name of promotion
  • On-air promo script
  • Start and end dates
  • Any flyers or other printed artwork
  • Sponsors