Ticket System Help

NOTE: This page has opened in a separate browser window or tab, so you can easily return to the ticket form and leave both the form and this page open at the same time.

We suggest that you read this page over a couple of times to get a sense of how the system works, then use it when necessary for specific issues.

This guide helps you use our ticket system so you can more easily and quickly communicate with us. If you have any suggestions to make this page better, email me.

NOTE TO NON-RADIO CLIENTS. We have many types of clients, but most are radio broadcasters, and the ticket types and fields labeled “BANNER AD” and “PROMOTION,” as well as the start and end dates, are specifically for our radio clients. If you are not such a client, then select the “BUG/GLITCH” or “MESSAGE” type, and use the Title, Description, and Priority fields.

Most of the fields in our new form are not required, but they are there to be reminders of the information that we need to fulfill your request. The fields that contain the information that we need will vary depending on what type of request you are submitting – Bug/Glitch, Banner Ad, Promotion, or Message.

There are fields that are required, no matter what type of request:

TITLE. Here you would put a brief description of your request that is unique and clearly identifies the subject. Examples:

  • “Ad for County Chevrolet” [banner ad]
  • “Easter Bunny Promotion” [promotion]
  • “Comments Not Working” [bug/glitch]
  • “Creating a New Section” [message]

Try to avoid more generic terms like “Banner Ad,” “Big Station Promotion,” and so on. Titles like that could refer to anything.

DESCRIPTION. This is your catch-all field for communicating the gist of your request, no matter what type of request it is. In this field, give us the details of what you are doing and what you are asking us to do. This field should contain content appropriate to the type of request you are making; for example:

  • Banner Ad: copy points
  • Promotion: description of the promotion; on-air script
  • Bug/Glitch: description of the problem, and what you were doing when it occurred
  • Message: the message you are sending us

TICKET TYPE, DUE DATE. These are self-explanatory.

WEBSITE. This is your website, for our reference. You don’t need to use the official URL, just the way we commonly refer to your website – Laker Country, Z93, CCDN, etc.

PRIORITY. Your choices are Low, Normal, and Urgent. Human nature is to make everything urgent, but by doing so, you are actually slowing down our response.

Urgent is for serious problems with your website, or a last-minute advertiser request. (We will also try to take care of you if the urgency is created by an internal slip-up, but if that happens too often, you will be on our “naughty” list and all your Urgent requests will be treated as Normal.)

If you choose Urgent, you must call us as well. Just submitting a ticket, or just calling us – or any other form of communication – won’t work. To reiterate, the only thing that works to communicate an urgency is (a) submit a ticket with an Urgent priority level containing all the details we need to address the issue; (b) call us to alert us to the fact that an Urgent ticket has been submitted.

Normal is what most of your requests will be (hopefully). Normal tickets are completed in three business days or less. If you need it sooner, we’ll try to accommodate you.

Low is used for things that can wait a few days. Just enter the Due Date accordingly.

As noted above, the rest of the fields are self-explanatory and pertain to a specific type of request (Banner Ad or Promotion). Those fields that pertain to the type of request you are submitting should be considered mandatory.

If you have any questions, let us know.